Entertainment show and BBQ to enjoy on a day trip

Day Trip
BBQ dinner show

We now have a day trip plan with BBQ where you can enjoy a dinosaur adventure show and an oldies dance show!
Please take this opportunity to enjoy Okinawa's only entertainment show to your heart's content!

BBQ Dinner Show

We offer a variety of dinner shows that the whole family can enjoy.

17:00 Check-in

Welcome to Villa From Okinawa's BBQ Dinner Show.

17:20 Giant soap bubble experience

Let's make bigger soap bubbles than anyone else using various hoops!

17:45 Dinosaur Kids Lab

Mini quizzes and shows about dinosaurs by dinosaur researchers!

18:00 BBQ start

Villa From Okinawa's specialty is the "It is a big portion! charcoal-grilled BBQ."

19:00 Oldies dance show

Enjoy! fun twist dance by Gold Rockets (GOR)!

19:30 Dinosaur adventure show

Surprise! by the "super impressive dinosaur show" that is a hot topic in Okinawa.

20:30 Check out

Please be careful when you return home, with a full stomach and a fun chat.

BBQ dinner show
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What is included in the day dinner show?

Dinosaur adventure show

Transport you to the world of dinosaurs with spectacular performances and breathtaking storylines.

show details

oldies dance show

Dance and talk reminiscent of old high school movies.

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Charcoal BBQ

The famous charcoal-grilled BBQ is big portion. You can enjoy BBQ without bringing anything.

BBQ details

Special Birthday Surprise

During the dance show, dancers will perform a birthday dance and give out presents.