Impressed by the attention to detail in the resort-inspired production

Facility information

Here's a guide to Villa From Okinawa's facilities
where you'll find something no matter where you look, and enjoy the detailed presentation.


The spacious terrace allows everyone to gather together and enjoy BBQ and meals. The first floor of the two-story building is a living room with a large sofa. The second floor will be a bedroom.

Family deluxe building

The calm and tasteful interior promises a relaxing time. The extra space will make you feel like you're in a beach city villa.

Front desk

"WARNING" sign written on a heavy door that gives off a dangerous atmosphere...Don't worry, this is the front desk of Villa From Okinawa. Check in/out here.


A beautiful courtyard with play equipment, rides, benches, tables, various decorations, and trees where children can fully enjoy themselves. The view from the cottage is sure to soothe your soul.

Instagram photo spot

A wall lined with American antiques and miscellaneous goods displayed. If you take photos here, you will be able to take photos that will make you feel like you are in the American countryside.